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My name is Nik and I am Mum to two small boys called Sam and Oliver and partner to the long suffering Ali and we are based in Devon, England.

My blog is about my journey though life, the highs, the lows and all the fun and messy bits in-between.

It is a personal blog that is written by me and only features my opinions. I do work on behalf of businesses and companies, writing posts and reviews but I will only give you my honest thoughts, if I love it or hate it I will tell you.

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Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Coconut Oil

Ali and I were sat eating our home cooked but fairly unhealthy dinner the other night whilst watching the body coach Joe Wicks jumping about the screen, as you do, and he started to demonstrate a healthy dish to cook on his getting fit program.


The meal he cooked was a stir-fry and at the beginning he added a large dollop of coconut oil. Ali and I chatted it over and we decided that if we are going to do something about our lifestyle we have to start making small changes and the first start on our ladder would be giving coconut oil a go.


I also chatted it over with a friend as I knew she used it in her cooking and she sold it to me when she said it still makes great roast potatoes!! She knows how to win me over!! Lol


So off I trundled to the supermarket looking for coconut oil. I headed for the oil section and I am not sure why but I think I expected it to look like olive oil and I am still trying to find it until the lady next to me, bent down and picked up a jar with a white substance in it. Once she left, I didn’t want to look like a wally obviously!! I also picked up a jar and sure enough the white substance was coconut oil.


What I didn’t realise was that there are different types of coconut oil. Ones where you can taste the coconut and ones where you cant. I will take a longer look next time.


So I decided to give it a go! I thought I would start small. I love roasted asparagus. One the jar I bought it doesn’t give you any guidance on how much to use so I put a teaspoonful into the tray with the asparagus. I soon learnt that with the oil a little goes a long way! Unfortunately it was spitting all over my oven L


The next test was bacon!! I was a little suspicious about whether this would actually work, but my goodness it did!! My bacon was lovely and crispy and no taste of coconut at all. Ali had no idea that I had done anything different J win win!!


So I think the coconut oil is definitely here to stay and we have started our journey.


Now I asked my blogger colleagues about what they used coconut oil, thinking they would come back with lots of cooking ideas but oh no, it seems this coconut is magical oil as it can be used as a stain remover, nipple cream, make up remover or simply popped into a bowl of warm porridge. I was absolutely shocked about many uses that the bloggers said they used it for.


Jennifer says I use it as part of my skincare routine. I have sensitive skin, but I find it's great as a cleanser and makeup remover. www.mightymamabear.com


Now I don’t use moisturiser but would consider using the coconut oil if I already had it in the house.


Again Helen says I find it brilliant for using when travelling. Instead of taking separate make up removers, body lotion, lip balms I just take a tiny pot of coconut oil & it really cuts down on space taken http://casacostello.com


I am always looking for lip balm and now I have it in my kitchen cupboard. Fab stuff.


I wish I knew the following tip from Rhiannon, who actually had it suggested to her from her Health Visitor. It worked really well on my son’s cradle cap. He keeps scratching at it and it calmed right down. www.toyinfinity.co.uk

Oliver’s cradle cap, was awful as a baby but now his hair is thicker it seems to cover it but it is still there. I think I may have to give this one a try.


Beth suggests that It works well as a deep conditioner for your hair. I’ve slept with it in and washed it out in the morning and my hair felt so soft. It’s also supposed to help speed up hair growth too


Again, Why didn’t I know about this oil sooner?? Karen mentioned that We used it from birth after each nappy change. Keeps baby so soft and rash free. Great to use as barrier on those meconium poops too www.ouririshfamily.com


Both my boys had sore bums as newborns, where was this miracle cream then?


Laura suggests it soothes minor ailments too. I use fractionated coconut oil as a carrier to apply essential oils to aid so many symptoms and situations in my house !


Where does this magical oils benefits end??


Claire has nothing but praise for the oil. Omg my list is endless!! We LOVE coconut oil in our home (unscented)

Remove any left over stickiness from stickers

Apply to diaper rash or itchy skin

Apply to chapped nipples while nursing

Rub a little inside nose to reduce allergy symptoms

Use a quick eye makeup remover

Multiple uses for healthier cooking or baking, especially kids snacks

Mix with baking soda for a natural stain remover on upholstery and carpet

Use a general hand/foot mosituriser, especially cracked heels (I do this nightly before bed) Www.ourmummylife.com


Louise bakes with her coconut oil. I replace the butter with coconut oil when I make banana cake and it makes the most delicious, moist cake! https://pinkpearbear.


Rachel suggests It's excellent for healing tattoos as it's all natural and moisturising. Illustratedteacup.com I bet Ali wishes he knew this. His last tattoo didn’t heal well and it is possible that this could have helped him!


I am seriously amazed by this oil and I am wondering if there is anything it can’t do? If you would like more information on coconut oil then I found a useful article on the Good Food website https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/howto/guide/health-benefits-coconut-oil


I am now off to spread myself in coconut oil from head to foot and then I am going to rub myself on a stain on the sofa to see if it will come off.


Have a fun evening x

Saturday, 24 February 2018

Things you say in a typical day!!

Things you say in a typical day!!


Now as you know I am the Mum of two small boys and one day last week I was having a particularly stressful day and I heard myself come out with some classic things. Things that if someone recorded you without seeing the situation they would probably refer you to some sort of clinic!!


However I can’t be alone in some of the things I say. Some of the sayings, I am actually worried that I am turning into my Mum. Sorry Mum!! For example, Sam  said a naughty word and I heard myself actually say “I should wash your mouth out with soap and water” Believe me, I would never actually do this but it was something my Mum used to say and it just came out!!


I am thirsty seven, and been a Mum for nearly five years surely I could have come out with something better than that!!


Other things said throughout the day included:


Whilst trying to convince Oliver to eat “choo choo here comes the train into the tunnel” He didn’t fall for it L


Also whilst stressing about Oliver not eating “Please eat something, you cannot live on fresh air alone”


Whilst I am in the toilet “No I won’t hold your breadsticks whilst I am trying to go to the loo!”


Whilst trying to calm Oliver down “Please don’t throw a wobbly just because I won’t let you walk in the middle of the road” Yes full on melt down. What a mean Mummy I am!!! Lol


When I tipped Oliver’s nappy contents down the toilet “bye bye poo” Apparently it shows that it’s ok for poo to disappear. Oh gosh! Shoot me now!! Lol


Other ones were saved for the bath, “please stop playing with your willy”, “Take your willy out of the bottle” and “please just give me five minutes to breathe”


So, please I am basically after some reassurance that I am not alone and I will not be carted off somewhere. So what random things have you said to your child today? Have you said something that remind you of your Mum/Dad/Gran etc?


Or am I just a loon?


#themummymonster #imturningintomymum #random #words #sayings #wishhewouldeat #amialone #amialoon

Butter wouldn't melt!!

Friday, 16 February 2018

Review of Folly Farm

Review of Folly Farm, Kilgetty, Wales


So how can I summarise Folly Farm? Well, it’s Crealy, Dingles and Paignton Zoo all rolled into one site!!


Ali and I went on holiday a couple of years ago to Carmarthen, South Wales when Sam was little and we stumbled across a local attraction called Folly Farm and what a place we found!!


We tried to return in September last year and we travelled all the way there for Oliver to be poorly and we had to head straight home again, we were gutted and we made a promise to Sam that we would return as soon as we possibly could.


We travelled up to Llanelli, where we had booked two nights at a Premier Inn. It meant we could take our time travelling up. We arrived in plenty of time and so we headed to the beach to have a brisk walk and my goodness it was chilly!!!


Anyway, after a relaxing night’s sleep, we headed up to Folly Farm. The farm has undergone several changes since our last visit. There is a brand new entrance, with six entrance gates which could be used. It was only the English half term during our visit so the park was virtually empty which was brilliant for us.


After the entrance we headed into the Jolly Barn. The barn is full of all sorts of animals, including goats, rabbits, chickens, donkeys, horses, ferrets and barn owls. One member of staff had a rabbit out of the cage for children to stroke. As an owner of rescue rabbits, the rabbit looked happy, healthy and well cared for.


Once the children had done looking at the animals, there are also some play items inside, all farm machinery inspired. Oliver and Sam both loved the tractor. Oliver tried the slide however I think he may have been wearing the wrong trousers as it took him a while to slide down!! Lol


So after we had exhausted the barn, we moved onto the vintage fairground. This barn is massive!! Think carousels, bumper cars and muffin the mule. You do have to pay for the tokens which in turn you pay the operator for each ride. The tokens are 50p each and most rides are one token each.


There are also 2p machines although winning was virtually impossible!! Ie I won nothing!! Lol


The boys were amazed by the rides and there was something for everyone to have a go at. Oliver loved the train ride, Sam loved the bumper cars and I loved the sky riders, so much that I made Sam go on them twice!! J Naughty Mummy!!


The other half of the barn is a huge indoor play area. We actually lost Sam at one point!! He had plenty to slide and climb on. Oliver was also kept amused in the two sections which were suitable for him. In one of the areas, there was a slide that Oliver literately flew down!!


Whilst we were there, we decided to have some lunch and I think this was the biggest mistake we could have made!! Ali ordered a couple of bits from the Carousel Woods cafĂ©. My order was a plain chicken burger, chips and a drink. You can’t really go wrong with that can you? OH yes, apparently you can!!! I was served a spicy chicken burger, which I didn’t realise until I had taken a couple of bites.


Now I can’t eat pepper and the coating we found out afterwards contained Tabasco sauce!! Ali went back to the till, but not one member of staff apologised or offered to do anything about it. Ali requested that the manager be called. When he arrived, my lips and mouth were on fire and my lips were bright red and sore. I was in a lot of discomfort. Finally he apologised and offered us our money back for my meal.


So with my bright red Botox lips we headed off to the zoo. It was peeing it down with rain on our first day but we decided to risk it, however everything was hiding. We knew we were coming back the next day so we decided to leave the animals until the next day and we couldn’t resist checking out the penguin pool. Sam loved it!! The penguin chased Sam across the pool, it tried to nibble him through the glass thinking he was a fish!! Blimin big one at that!!


We headed back to the hotel after day one, exhausted, wet from the rain but happy and excited for the next day.


We bought boomerang tickets which allowed us to return within seven days for half the price. Great idea J


Day two arrived and bought a dry day with it. Sam was desperate to go in the giant sand pit. The sand pit is huge. It has lots of sand pits toys, including diggers, slides and JCB’s!


We then headed to the tractors. Again both boys loved the paved track. Sam cleared it of twigs that had fallen over night but then they were off, chasing each other.


With the weather still dry, we decided to go and see all the zoo animals and I am so pleased we did. The lions were basking in the sun, the tapirs were snoozing and the giraffes and zebras felt like they were in touching distance. Oliver loves giraffes and he couldn’t quite figure it out when he saw a real one.


To finish our second day, we headed back into the fairground to use our last tokens and before we headed home, we finished where we started in the Jolly Barn.


What an exciting few days we had at Folly Farm.


I would rate it as 4 out of 5 stars. They need to sort out their catering system and perhaps give them some customer service training and then I would give them 5 out of 5 stars.


Do I recommend visiting? Definitely!! If you fancy a visit more information can be found at: https://www.folly-farm.co.uk/


This is my own honest review on Folly Farm and no payment or compensation was received for the review.

Saturday, 3 February 2018

Clothing sizes!!

Why is it such a nightmare shopping for clothes? Not just my clothes but the boys as well!!


I completely understand that children all grow at different rates. Sam as a baby was in clothes for a much older child and Oliver, well bless him, he’s 20 months old and most of his clothes 9-12 months, they are total opposites in size, but sometimes you even buy two pairs of exactly the same trousers from exactly the same retailer and they are completely different.


This is also the same in my clothes, now generally I am a size 16-18 but in some stores I am a size 20-22. How is that possible? It doesn’t do wonders for the self-esteem.


However this doesn’t seem to be the case in most men’s clothes. Ali can walk into a shop and pick any trousers or t-shirt of his size and not even try them on and just know that they will fit.


Is it not possible to decide on a general rule of one set of measurements for each size and everybody has to stick to them? It would make retailers lives much easier, it would be more travel friendly as it would cut down on the amount of returns back to the shops or online retailers.


However as I am writing this I have just realised I have never actually measured myself!! Am I alone in this? Perhaps I am!! I have no idea what my actual hip, leg or waist size is. I just know I have large calf’s and even bigger legs but in comparison quite a small waist. I have fairly large boobs and a long body, but I have no figures!! I am still not even sure if I am an apple, pear or hourglass shape!!


Now obviously over the years sizes have changed, due to access to more food etc we have all gained weight over the years, but could we not look at it annually, biannually to see if the measurements need changing?


The post bellow shows the differences in sizes over the years:


Here are some numbers that illustrate the insanity of women's clothing sizes: A size 8 dress today is nearly the equivalent of a size 16 dress in 1958. And a size 8 dress of 1958 doesn't even have a modern-day equivalent — the waist and bust measurements of a Mad Men-era 8 come in smaller than today's size 00.”





Now I know that I am only one woman having a bit of a rant about in reality me putting on a bit of weight and blaming the clothing makers but seriously why isn’t there standardised sizes?


I asked my fellow bloggers if they knew their sizes. Had they recently measured themselves or do they know what shops they can grab clothes in? Here are their answers:


Katy Stevens I know my chest/bra measurements but nothing else! I tend to shop in the same few stores over and over and their sizing seems consistent so I don't feel the need to measure much. https://katykicker.com


Helen Treharne I know my chest, shoulders, waist and hips, but that’s only because I measured them the other day. I tend to go to shops where I know I will fit a particular size as trying on in store with a toddler is a non starter, so it either needs to be grab and go or shop online. I’m trying to be more considered with what I buy now and try some new places so knowing my measurements is essential. I can’t rely on “medium” as my measurements would say I’m small in some shops and extra large in others. It’s crazy. Www.welshmumwriting.com


Kate Evans I did pre-kids, nowadays it's more of a rough estimate! I do know that I vary wildly in size between shops. Stuff aimed at younger women seems to come up smaller (not sure if they're trying to tell me something!) Https://themumconundrum.com x


Jenna Newell I know most of my measurements, yet I’m anything from a size 4 to a size 12 depending on the store!! www.thentherewerethree.uk


Simone Waplington Although I don't know my measurements, I frequently measure if buying clothes online, otherwise I don't know whether to buy a 6, 8 or 10 (yes, it does vary that much). I know my 'starting' bra size from https://booborbust.com/ but this also varies between about three different sizes depending on the manufacturer and style. www.dogdaysanddelights.wordpress.com

Jennifer Dixon I don’t know any of my measurements currently, I had my bra size measured in the past but pretty sure it’s changed since then. I find shops differ significantly with ‘standard’ sizing so I always try two sizes on and very rarely buy clothes for myself online. Http://www.mymummyspennies.com


Becky Dickerson I don't have the classic figure so often struggle with what size to buy as even going off the measurements online it can be wrong, especially things like dresses as I fit a smaller size for the bust measurement and a larger size for a waist measurement


Alex MN I know for the most part! But there are some stores that are just crazy fitting - I absolutely love H&M for tops and dresses but their trousers fit SO strangely on me. Bra sizes you can never go wrong with Marksies but it's always a case of having a look/fit with different stores. www.actualar.co.uk


So that’s it, I am off to measure myself and find out what size I actually am!!

This website was sent to me by blogger at www.tattooedmummy.co.uk and its amazing to see what you fit :)

Do you dread clothes shopping? Do you have any hints or tips to making it easier? If so, please leave us a comment.





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