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Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Coconut Oil

Ali and I were sat eating our home cooked but fairly unhealthy dinner the other night whilst watching the body coach Joe Wicks jumping about the screen, as you do, and he started to demonstrate a healthy dish to cook on his getting fit program.


The meal he cooked was a stir-fry and at the beginning he added a large dollop of coconut oil. Ali and I chatted it over and we decided that if we are going to do something about our lifestyle we have to start making small changes and the first start on our ladder would be giving coconut oil a go.


I also chatted it over with a friend as I knew she used it in her cooking and she sold it to me when she said it still makes great roast potatoes!! She knows how to win me over!! Lol


So off I trundled to the supermarket looking for coconut oil. I headed for the oil section and I am not sure why but I think I expected it to look like olive oil and I am still trying to find it until the lady next to me, bent down and picked up a jar with a white substance in it. Once she left, I didn’t want to look like a wally obviously!! I also picked up a jar and sure enough the white substance was coconut oil.


What I didn’t realise was that there are different types of coconut oil. Ones where you can taste the coconut and ones where you cant. I will take a longer look next time.


So I decided to give it a go! I thought I would start small. I love roasted asparagus. One the jar I bought it doesn’t give you any guidance on how much to use so I put a teaspoonful into the tray with the asparagus. I soon learnt that with the oil a little goes a long way! Unfortunately it was spitting all over my oven L


The next test was bacon!! I was a little suspicious about whether this would actually work, but my goodness it did!! My bacon was lovely and crispy and no taste of coconut at all. Ali had no idea that I had done anything different J win win!!


So I think the coconut oil is definitely here to stay and we have started our journey.


Now I asked my blogger colleagues about what they used coconut oil, thinking they would come back with lots of cooking ideas but oh no, it seems this coconut is magical oil as it can be used as a stain remover, nipple cream, make up remover or simply popped into a bowl of warm porridge. I was absolutely shocked about many uses that the bloggers said they used it for.


Jennifer says I use it as part of my skincare routine. I have sensitive skin, but I find it's great as a cleanser and makeup remover. www.mightymamabear.com


Now I don’t use moisturiser but would consider using the coconut oil if I already had it in the house.


Again Helen says I find it brilliant for using when travelling. Instead of taking separate make up removers, body lotion, lip balms I just take a tiny pot of coconut oil & it really cuts down on space taken http://casacostello.com


I am always looking for lip balm and now I have it in my kitchen cupboard. Fab stuff.


I wish I knew the following tip from Rhiannon, who actually had it suggested to her from her Health Visitor. It worked really well on my son’s cradle cap. He keeps scratching at it and it calmed right down. www.toyinfinity.co.uk

Oliver’s cradle cap, was awful as a baby but now his hair is thicker it seems to cover it but it is still there. I think I may have to give this one a try.


Beth suggests that It works well as a deep conditioner for your hair. I’ve slept with it in and washed it out in the morning and my hair felt so soft. It’s also supposed to help speed up hair growth too


Again, Why didn’t I know about this oil sooner?? Karen mentioned that We used it from birth after each nappy change. Keeps baby so soft and rash free. Great to use as barrier on those meconium poops too www.ouririshfamily.com


Both my boys had sore bums as newborns, where was this miracle cream then?


Laura suggests it soothes minor ailments too. I use fractionated coconut oil as a carrier to apply essential oils to aid so many symptoms and situations in my house !


Where does this magical oils benefits end??


Claire has nothing but praise for the oil. Omg my list is endless!! We LOVE coconut oil in our home (unscented)

Remove any left over stickiness from stickers

Apply to diaper rash or itchy skin

Apply to chapped nipples while nursing

Rub a little inside nose to reduce allergy symptoms

Use a quick eye makeup remover

Multiple uses for healthier cooking or baking, especially kids snacks

Mix with baking soda for a natural stain remover on upholstery and carpet

Use a general hand/foot mosituriser, especially cracked heels (I do this nightly before bed) Www.ourmummylife.com


Louise bakes with her coconut oil. I replace the butter with coconut oil when I make banana cake and it makes the most delicious, moist cake! https://pinkpearbear.


Rachel suggests It's excellent for healing tattoos as it's all natural and moisturising. Illustratedteacup.com I bet Ali wishes he knew this. His last tattoo didn’t heal well and it is possible that this could have helped him!


I am seriously amazed by this oil and I am wondering if there is anything it can’t do? If you would like more information on coconut oil then I found a useful article on the Good Food website https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/howto/guide/health-benefits-coconut-oil


I am now off to spread myself in coconut oil from head to foot and then I am going to rub myself on a stain on the sofa to see if it will come off.


Have a fun evening x

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