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My name is Nik and I am Mum to two small boys called Sam and Oliver and partner to the long suffering Ali and we are based in Devon, England.

My blog is about my journey though life, the highs, the lows and all the fun and messy bits in-between.

It is a personal blog that is written by me and only features my opinions. I do work on behalf of businesses and companies, writing posts and reviews but I will only give you my honest thoughts, if I love it or hate it I will tell you.

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Friday, 6 July 2018

The Red Box Project

Ok, I want to chat to you about something that isn't always comfortable to talk about.

 Periods, actually not just Periods but "Period Poverty"

Periods are never going to be an easy subject, some people cant even say the word, you get all sorts of weird and wonderful names to describe what is going on. I'm sure you have heard or use some of them, time of the month, the painters are in or on the blob I am sure the list goes on and on.

But I wanted to raise awareness of Period Poverty. Not abroad, but here at home in the UK, in Devon, in our hometowns.

Girls, are growing up in households where periods are a taboo subject and money is not given for such provisions to keep themselves clean and hygienic and amazingly one in every ten girls misses  out of their education as they are unable to go to school when they are having their period. This shocked and horrified me. How can this be true? We are living in 2018, not caveman times.

When I go shopping, I take it for granted that I can afford sanitary towels, they are not a luxury, they are a necessity. I shove them in the basket and walk on, where as some women have to think about spending £2 on them or food. I really struggle to get my head around this.

My period life had a pretty rubbish start. I had my first period on Christmas Day 1993. I was 13 years old and mortified but thankfully I had an open Mum who had already discussed it with me. She had also agreed that I could have the lunch time class in the gym at school to discuss periods and I was given a couple of sanitary towels for signing up, so at least I was prepared.

For the next few years, my periods were awful and I was eventually put on the pill due to the fact it would make me end up in bed for days and I started missing school. My periods also weren't monthly, they would just spring up whenever they felt like it.

In 1995, I was training for Ten Tors on Dartmoor. I remember being caught out and having to ask the all male staff team via radio if anyone could help me. A van was sought and someone's wife was sent to get me supplies. I changed in the back of the van and was sent on my way but I felt hideous and ashamed and crap that this thing took over my life.

Eventually the pill settled my periods and I can almost set my watch by them, but I have been on the pill for so long the doctors want to take me off it and dread having to find an alternative and having to be constantly prepared again.

So to hear a nationwide, community funded initiative to ensure that no young woman misses school because she has her period and lacks access to sanitary products had been set up was music to my ears and I decided to find out more.



The Red Box Project is entirely funded by community kindness, woman to young woman.  It is designed to be a simple, no frills scheme to meet a need with minimal fuss. This is exactly how it should be. Girls are embarrassed enough by the whole situation, they don't want fuss, they just want it sorted.

The project is 100% community driven and is run by Women all over the UK.

The main idea is, the places become local collection points where it is asked that women who can afford to buy sanitary towels, tampons, panty liners and suitable underwear are asked to buy double of an item and pop it in a collection box that is local to them.

Volunteer coordinators then do regular pick ups of the items and deliver them to a Red Box in local schools. Girls are then able to help themselves to the products when they require them. It really is that simple!!

Most schools have a dedicated teacher who is able to offer advise and co-ordinates the project so it is ensured that the young women who need the products do get them.

My local collection box is based on a retail park in Newton Abbot, so I simply purchased some tampons and popped them in the box. I didn't have to ask for the collection box either, it was easily visible, just as it should be making more people aware of this issue.

So, what can you do to help?

I ask you to find out where your local collection point is by accessing the Red Project Website: http://redboxproject.org/  or www.facebook.com/theredboxprojectuk and drop a packet of towels or tampons into the box. Its costs roughly the price of a cup of coffee!

Those of you, who are local to me, there is a South Devon Co-ordinator who can be access here: https://www.facebook.com/theredboxprojectsouthdevon/

If there are no boxes local to you, could you co-ordinate one? redboxprojectuk@gmail.com

 If that doesn't take your fancy but you still feel strong about the subject, please donate to: www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/theredboxproject

After reading about the project, I wondered if I was just naïve about it and had I just missed things in the media, but unfortunately it seems I haven't. People don't want to talk about it, which I find so sad.

I asked some other bloggers if they had heard of the project or even the term "Period Poverty" and I received a mixed response.

Kelly Allen Yes I support this 100%. I was in Chapter Arts in Cardiff recently when I saw a box in the ladies. I immediately popped a couple of sanitary towels into it. It's a brilliant idea and hopefully it will help girls in need. www.kellyallenwriter.comManage

Helen Treharne

Period poverty is a real issue and no girl should miss school or not observe basic health care because they don’t want to ask for a pack of pads because they know might already be choosing between

buying a tin of beans or putting a quid in the meter. I’ve heard people suggest using reusables which is great and something I support from a health and environment perspective , but the reality for many families is they don’t have funds to run the washing machine and reusable pads are expensive to set up initially if you are to buy enough to see you through a cycle. We need a varied approach that suit different circumstances, but the Red Box Project is one I completely support. Why not buy a pack of pads on your next shop and donate them? Same goes for food banks too, they always need them.
Carla Sabir This is something I dont have a clue about. I didnt know people can't afford to run a washing machine. I thought it was around 50p a wash?!? Is there anywhere I can read more?

Katie Brinkworth I haven't heard of this project but I think it is an amazing idea and would definitely support it. Personally I would donate reusable pads though, as I think they would be useful. livinglifeourway.comManage

Jeannette Cripps I’m a local collection point for this and my crochet group also makes covers for the pads, crocheted, knitted or sewn. Patterns on my @bluedaiscrochet page Lots of people don’t understand period poverty and it provoked a lot of debate in a fb group recently http://AutismMumma.comManage

Emily Macdonald As a teenager in care I had to use my own pocket money to buy supplies. It was horrible. I would get £5 a week and sometimes it wasn’t enough, I’d need two packs. I would be reprimanded for not planning ahead. I was really lucky that there was one teacher at school who would keep some in her desk for girls caught out or unable to buy them! This is a brilliant idea!!

Jaymee Heaton We have a local red box in Peterborough it is such a fab scheme and something i do support! Www.themumdiaries.co.ukManage


Lisa Valentine We have a local red box charity and, as a mum of two teenage girls, I 100% support it. We're 'lucky' enough to be a position where buying sanitary products isn't an issue, however, when I was growing up, I wasn't quiet as fortunate, having to resort to using tissue or asking friends for help every month. It's extremely embarrassing and undignified so these projects are so very important https://static.xx.fbcdn.net/images/emoji.php/v9/f68/1/16/1f495.png💕 www.thatbritishbetty.comManage

Gail Maynes I have never heard of this but it sounds fab! I would love to know more - www.yammymommy.co.ukManage

So, can I ask you to do me a favour, can you click on the website and read a little more about this subject, no its not a great evening read but its real and its happening now.

For more information visit: www.facebook.com/theredboxprojectuk



Monday, 25 June 2018

Paulos Circus Making Memories Tour 2018

Roll up, roll up to the hottest show in town!! (Literally!!)
What a show, what a performance, we certainly made memories whilst watching the circus.
I was kindly invited to bring my family along to review the Making Memories Tour at Paulo's Circus, which is currently situated at Darts Farm in Topsham, Exeter and I have to say we all loved it.
We were advised to arrive early to collect our tickets and my goodness I'm glad we did. The seats are first come, first served so pick your seats wisely.
Unfortunately to get five seats together, we had to sit around the side of the tent and my Dad had a large tent pole in his view. It wasn't completely obstructive but he did have to lean a little into the aisle to see some of the acts.
After a while the lights went down and some music started playing. The music to start with is quite loud and my little one, Oliver, two years old, wasn't overly keen. Thankfully Nanna came to the rescue and he soon calmed down.
The lights and lasers started shooting around the tent and visual countdown started. At the end of the count down, you were introduced to the circus by the Ringmaster and he in turn he introduced the first act.
The first act, was two large cages, two men spun the machine and performed all sorts of tricks in the cages, before then blindfolding themselves and performing some more tricks. I did slightly worry when one of the chaps ripped his jeans on the cage!! My hear did a little leap!!
Next we were introduced to the clown for the evening. Now this clown is certainly not scary, not even a red nose in sight,  but he does like a lot of audience participation and if you are pretty and sat in the front row, by careful if he looks at you!! lol
Mr N, the clown, definitely does a good job of distracting you whilst the rest of the crew set up for the next act.
The next act up was the knife throwing act. I'm afraid my phone camera let me down for this act, so no knives in action but it was brilliant and the knife throwing certainly made me squish my bum cheeks together as he threw them at his lady. My Dad also enjoyed the lady changing her dress into something even more skimpy!! lol
I had heard about the next act and was certainly looking forward to seeing him. The act was called Laserman and he didn't disappoint. I love lasers ever since seeing them done properly at a Muse gig.
Laserman controlled the light beams with ease and precision in time with the dramatic music and created an awesome effect. I have to say, personally, this was the highlight of the show for me. It kept me guessing how he was controlling them and actually I still haven't worked it out but I am guessing his feet were involved somewhere along the line.
Lights were also involved in the next act. Think Anne Wheeler (Zendaya) in the Greatest Showman. The lady performed also sorts of spinning and leaning and being generally very flexible, that I wouldn't like to attempt on the floor let alone in the air. I could see Sam's face light up with the hoop she was using lit up with lights and she spun around the tent.
After a funny musical interlude with Mr N, the clown, next up was the Juggler, you cant really have a circus without one cant you?? He balanced and juggled balls before moving onto the juggling pins. Now I am in completely in awe of this act as I have tried to juggle so many times and just cant get the hang of it, I am all fingers and thumbs.
Then to the final act of the night. The big trapeze. Again I had seen photos of this act but couldn't quite believe he was actually able to ride a bike along the wire, with a lady dangling underneath him!!! He then took a chair out onto the wire before balancing the chair and him and taking a little break by sitting down!! PS There are NO safety nets underneath these acts. If they fall, they fall. Full respect to them. I wont be even able to climb the ladder, let alone walk the wire.

Before we knew it, the stars of the show were taking their bows and thanking the audience. The crowd responded with lots of claps and cheers showing a sign of a job well done.
I called it the hottest show in town because it was fab but the temperature in the tent was almost unbearable. I thankfully had packed drinks for the boys and both of them needed topping up again at the end of the show. I think I would recommend an evening show in future if the weather remained this warm.
In all honesty, I think Oliver was still a little bit young for the show, especially in the heat but it was perfect for Sam. "My best bit was the men in the cages when they went blindfolded. That was so cool."
My Mum and Dad also enjoyed it and I would like to thank @thepauloscircus for gifting us the tickets to watch the show. We will certainly return.
If you fancy watching a brilliant performance you can find the show at Darts Farm, Topsham, Exeter form now until Sunday 8th July 2018 and all performances are just £7 per seat. Please note there are no performances on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday's. Thursday and Fridays performances are
5pm & 7.45pm and Saturdays/Sundays 2pm & 5:00pm.

For more information please check out: http://www.greatestshowman.co.uk/

Disclosure: In return for five tickets I was asked to give an honest opinion of the show. All the thoughts in this review are my own.

Saturday, 23 June 2018

Glamping at Andrewshayes Campsite, Dalwood.

I cant believe that tbis was a year ago!! It was something i had always wanted to do and we were finally able to try it with Andrewshayes.

There is also a competition running on the Andrewshayes website so its worth checking it out.

Please check out my review from last year below:

Glamping at Andrewshayes, Dalwood, East Devon

Earlier this week we were lucky enough to be invited to Andrewshayes Campsite in Dalwood, East Devon to try out their new Glamping pods.
Now as a child I have fond memories of camping and I have been desperate to take the boys, however Ali has never been so keen. At 6ft2” he has never been comfortable in tent, especially when he knows there is often a hotel around the corner so glamping seemed like the perfect comprise.
So, on Tuesday after school and work, we packed the car and excitedly headed up to East Devon.
We arrived at the campsite and headed to the reception but unfortunately it was closed and we were signposted to the warden on duty. The warden was easy to find, he gave us the key and explained that due to it being low season the bar and restaurant would not be open but there were other local pubs serving food.
We headed around the campsite and easily found the toilet block before we glimpsed our home for the evening. Pod G19.
The pods face away from the road for privacy and to take in the view of the field of cows, which both my boys were fascinated with!!
The car was parked on a hard-standing right behind the pod and a green hard path led to the front decking where a picnic bench is located and a viewing panel into the field.
With excitement, we opened the door and were hit with the beautiful smell of fresh cut wood. The pod felt warm and looked cosy. Just inside the door there as a small table and some bench seats covered in cushions. One of the seats lifted and allowed bags to be hidden away safely.
Through the archway, there was a raised double bed with a stool and underneath two single beds on wooden frames which could be moved. The boys were keen to explore the raised bed as they could look out the window as Ali and I unpacked the car.
We quickly made the beds with our own bedding whilst the boys explored the lower single beds. Ali was able to move the beds around and we could fit a Mothercare basic travel cot into the end of the room for Oliver.
The pod was equipped with a kettle, a heater, a fire blanket, wood burner and dust pan and brush. The dust pan and brush were the only items we used. The grass on the campsite had recently been cut and due to the rain, it stuck to all our shoes and so in turn it came into the pod.
The pod really could have done with a mat to reduce the amount coming in or somewhere dry to leave your shoes outside.
The boys loved exploring the different beds. They were able to hide underneath the raised bed and climb up and look out the window.
Once set up, we headed up to the toilet block. The toilets, showers and cubicles were exceptionally clean. I was also really pleased to see two family rooms. These rooms consisted of a toilet, a changing table, a large sink big enough to wash a baby in and a shower.
We headed out for tea. Unfortunately, the pub in Dalwod did not open until later in the evening so we decided to try the New Inn in Kilmington. The food was lovely, (I recommend the Prawns) and the staff were brilliant, friendly, especially with the children.
We headed back to the pod and took the boys to the family room to get showered. The boys again thought it was brilliant to walk across the campsite in their pyjamas and a jumper. Something I have fond memories of as a child! It’s strange what sticks in your mind isn’t it.
We headed back to the pod with high hopes of the children sleeping!! Ha ha ha ha
Sam was excited and Oliver was overtired. Oh dear!! Not a good combination. We tried making it darker in the pod by hanging a towel on the window and a blanket over the doors. Eventually Sam gave in but not Oliver!!
I left him with Ali as I headed up to the showers. The shower is a press button one and it needed to be pressed a couple of times for the water to come at a decent temperature but the pressure was good.

Back at the pod, I snuggled into the comfy bed with Oliver whilst Ali headed off to the shower. Oliver eventually gave in to sleep and we transferred him into his cot where he thankfully stayed all night.
The bed was a full double bed and the mattress was really comfy. It kind of felt naughty sleeping in a bed but technically camping!!
After a good night’s sleep for us all, we got up, although rather early due to the sunlight. If you don’t want an early start I recommend a black out blind for the door.

 We had breakfast and then headed out into the campsite to explore. We found the swimming pool which the boys had all to themselves and thoroughly enjoyed going between the baby pool and the main pool.
We then headed to the games room, where there are a lots of computer games, a snooker table and a soft area for the under six’s. Both my boys really enjoyed the soft play area. There were lots of things to amuse both Sam and Oliver and it was a good place for them to play before we got back in the car and headed home. Just wish we could have stayed longer to enjoy the local area.

Would I glamp again? Definitely!! I really enjoyed it. It was a fab experience.
Would I visit Andrewshayes again? Absolutely!! I have already suggested to my parents that they should stay at the campsite as it is perfect for them to have a look around the area. However, I may suggest they rent the caravan with a hot tub.
Disclosure: In renturn for this review I recieved a nights accomodation in pod G19 at Andrewhayes Campsite. The words and opinions however are all my own.

Friday, 8 June 2018

BAM bamboo clothing

BAM Bamboo Clothing
So you have heard of Bamboo right?? Of course you have!! 

So what do you think of when you hear of Bamboo?? If you are anything like me you think of a plant that Pandas eat but recently I have been re-educated in the Bamboo plant and it’s uses. 

As some of you know I was recently sent a pair of socks from a company called BAM Bamboo Clothing based in Plymouth. 

When the post arrived with my unexpected socks I actually happened to have chilly feet so I popped them on and I have to say I was amazed at how soft the socks were. Proper snuggly soft socks but they also weren’t too warm either. 

So who are BAM??
“BAM is Europe's first bamboo clothing brand.  A small band of enthusiasts, doing something special.  Raising the bar and having a lot of fun doing it."  BAM website.
After receiving the socks I decided to contact the company to find out more. 
I spoke to their customer service team who advised me about their bamboo fabric and its history. At this point, I’m still in a bit of denial that you can make clothes from Panda food, especially a fabric that is so soft!! 
The team also told me about the benefits of wearing Bamboo clothing which include
Being super soft
It’s antibacterial 
It has uv protection
It’s kind to your skin
Thermo control
Moisture wicking

So, what do BAM do?
"Performance clothing made ethically for use whether you're at the south pole or in the gym, on the side of a cliff or in the bar modestly talking down your achievements. Or otherwise :)” BAM website
Is BAM ethical and sustainable?
"The way bamboo is grown (without fertilizers and pesticides, without the excessive watering needed for cotton, giving a yield that's 10 times that of cotton, per acre, allowing growth on hillsides and other marginal land, etc). Also, there are new developments coming online all the time, for example Modal, which is made in pretty much the same way, is now processed mechanically, so it seems only a matter of a short time before bamboo follows. In fact, one company in China is already doing it 100% mechanically, by crushing and pulping so it's happening already (source: eco textile news). It just needs a short while to become widespread.
Another process, using ionic liquids has been discovered by a team in Belfast, (source: ETN July 2009) which is super low impact and actually biodegradable. Our view is very strongly that even before these exciting developments, the whole picture of producing this fabric from planting through to the end garment is environmentally far more positive than cotton for example. It's just a question, in terms of impact, of how low we can go and we're looking at new ways all the time."
Hannah, Customer Team Leader.
Again still unsure, they decided to send me a hoodie to try it out for myself. 
So I chose the ZIP THROUGH BAMBOO SWEAT – NAVY which retails for £50. 
The medium weight bamboo sweat with temperature regulating, moisture wicking, plus odour resistant and made with Medium Sweat double-knit bamboo fabric, this women’s classic zipped sweat top is appropriate for an both an active lifestyle and relaxing. Styled with a lined hood with draw-cord, full-length front zip, pouch pockets, plus banded hem and cuffs, it’s the one you’ll reach for time and time again.
It features
 • Full zip front and drawcord hood
 • Relaxed fit
 • Moisture wicking and odour resistant
 • Hypo allergenic and UPF50+
 • For pre and post workout or casualwear
So I waited for the top to arrive and I didn’t have to wait long. I opened the bag to find a fab navy super soft hoodie inside. 
I was a little nervous that it would fit as I am generally a size 16-18 and the hoodie was a size 16 but I slipped it on and the fit was great. 



 So far I have had the top for a week and it has been my go to top for when the sun disappears and the temperature drops.  I have also worn it on the school run when the morning has been a bit chilly. It has been perfect and very comfortable. 
I also like the fact that the zip feels sturdy. With cheaper hoodies, I often wonder if the plastic zip will last. The BAM hoodie’s metal zip will certainly last. 

I also like the little touches with the BAM logo on the strings. 

So my overall impression of the hoodie is that is it a cracking top whether you go to the gym or where it on the school run.
I just need to convince BAM clothing to offer slightly bigger sizes so I can buy more items.
If you fancy taking a look at the range of clothes on offer please check out the website https://bambooclothing.co.uk 
In return for this honest review I received a BAM hoodie and BAM pair of socks free of charge.
#honestreview #gifted

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Bath Time

Making bath time fun.
My boys are so different when it comes to the bath, My oldest Sam absolutely loves it, he would spend hours in there if he could, however my youngest Oliver only tolerates it if you promise not to wash his hair. If you mention hair he will lose the plot and will scrabble to get out of the bath, so Ali and I have been looking at ways to make bath time more fun.
1. Empty Bottles
The first option was to keep all the empty bottles we used, once they had been cleaned out, we gave them to the boys. Well they learnt how to fill them, laughed at the bubbles they created and smiled at the waterfalls they poured. It was brilliant, until Sam poured water over Oliver's head and that was game over for Oliver!! doh!!
However, the next night, Oliver choose the bottles again to go into the bath. Whooo Hooo :)

My kids just absolutely love empty bottles! We’ve spent money on bath toys before, but they always choose to play with empties! Especially if they have pumps or dispensers on them. They make their own ‘potions’! Victoria from Https://www.lyliarose.com

A simple plastic jug from the pound shop. Hours of fun. Maybe they're easily pleased https://static.xx.fbcdn.net/images/emoji.php/v9/fd4/1/16/1f606.png😆 Erica Knight from Www.theincidentalparent.com

We made “waterfalls” by pouring bath water into the bath using an empty shampoo bottle. Although mine are 2 and 4. Éva Katona from Https://www.captainbobcat.com

2. Bathing Together
Until the boys say they don't want to share a bath, they will continue to do so and so far they love it. Sam loves to show his brother how to do things like placing your head under the water and coming up covered in bubbles. This is something that Sam has only just found the confidence in to do himself but Oliver is loving trying to copy his big brother.

Unfortunately Sam has also taught Oliver its fun to "perp" (fart) in the bath and Oliver amazingly now seems to save them up until he gets in!! The joy of young children and their love of wind!!

For my boys at the moment (4 months and 2 years) they have the most fun when they're bathed together. There are always lots of giggles from both of them and I get drenched from all the splashing. Leah from  www.homefamilylife.co.uk

3. Bubble Machine
Oliver loves bubbles. Whenever you stop blowing them, he bounces up and down and shouts "more!" So I decided to decided to dig out the bubble machine. (Don't worry its battery operated not electric)

The boys really enjoyed watching the bathroom fill up with bubbles. The bubbles popped as they hit the shower or the side of the bath. They popped them themselves and laughed as more and more kept coming. It was tricky to keep them from standing up and I kept having to turn off the machine to wipe eyes after the bubble mixture got in them or just to let the room empty of bubbles.

This is definitely an activity we will repeat :)

4. Glow Sticks

This is one of our favourites!! Bathing in the dark with just glow sticks for light. I am not talking expensive ones but the packet from the pound shop.

Once we have cracked the glow sticks and got the boys in, we turn off the lights and close the blind and the light from the sticks glows through the water.

The boys experiment by placing the sticks in different bottles and watching what happens to the light.

They also make bracelets and necklaces or headbands with them. Once the boys have finished playing with them, the like them to be hung from their lampshades in the bedrooms as they go off to sleep.

5. Waterproof light
On suggestion from several Parenting bloggers I purchased a bath disco light. Well my goodness, the boys were so excited and loved it.


I also took their advice and stuck it to the side of the bath and didn't place it directly in the water as I understand a lot of them are failing after getting them wet for the first time. Ours is still going strong, thankfully.

Once stuck to the side of the bath, I pulled the blind so it went dark in the bathroom. I switched the light on and the colour explosion started. Both boys loved it. The light spread across the water and created a disco atmosphere. I put the cd player on outside the bathroom and the dancing and singing commenced.

We have underwater colour changing lights that suction onto the side of the bath Rebecca-Helen from @theeverydaymummy
Turn off the lights and have a disco bath. There is a cheap bath/ water light you can buy on eBay Jemma Goulds from https://thimbleandtwig.com/
Other ideas that were suggested are:
Bath paint and crayons work well for us at bath time. Plus they wash off. Jade Brenner from Https://www.jadeslongjourney.co.uk

Amy has always been obsessed with bath bombs, bath salts and everything else that adds some oomph to a plain bath. Lush has been her favourite shop since she was 2. She loves it! Carolin Mader from http://www.mummyalarm.co.uk
Water pistols. It can mean you get slightly wet too, but the kids love it! Pete Chatfield from www.householdmoneysaving.com
Mine love the face puzzles where you add facial features to make different faces - they’ve loved them for years!! Emma Maslin from Https://themoneywhisperer.co.uk
We use the moulding clay from Lush or bath bombs. We've made our own bath bombs too, it's so much fun! Kelly Allen from www.kellyallenwriter.com

Bath letter and numbers. My son has endless fun rearranging the letters into different words. It can keep him entertained for ages! Polly Basak from  www.ourseasidebaby.com 
Jelly bath... lush do some gorgeous bath bombs that turn jelly like and fun soap so you can make models. My son loves playing with the 'sleep' jelly.. anything that combines fun with natural ingredients and sends kids off into a relaxed slumber is a winner for me! Melanie Cossins from Www.cossinsmusicschool.co.uk/blog
Bubble bars from lush or other shops, they draw on tiles like crayons but if u break a bit off and put in a sieve and run water through it it’s bubble bath too! Vicki Louise Hurrell from

The Red Box Project

Ok, I want to chat to you about something that isn't always comfortable to talk about.  Periods, actually not just Periods but "P...