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About me

My name is Nik and I am Mum to two small boys called Sam and Oliver and partner to the long suffering Ali and we are based in Devon, England.

My blog is about my journey though life, the highs, the lows and all the fun and messy bits in-between.

It is a personal blog that is written by me and only features my opinions. I do work on behalf of businesses and companies, writing posts and reviews but I will only give you my honest thoughts, if I love it or hate it I will tell you.

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Monday 31 August 2020

The Extreme Stunt Show


Extreme Stunt Show


So this week we should have been in France but it was obviously cancelled due to the naughty bug, as it’s known in our house, so instead we decided to have a staycation and explore our wonderful county of Devon.


We decided to book a few things to do in advance so we could entertain our train and anything that moves loving boys.


One of the events was to attend the Extreme Stunt Show at Oaklands Riding School on the Ide Roundabout at Exeter. I was lucky enough to find a deal on Wowcher which made all the tickets £10 each.


The stunt show promised BMX bikes, motorbikes, and cars on two wheels, men on fire and my boy’s absolute favourite’s monster trucks and wow did it deliver.


The show started with a motor bike riding through a wall that had been set on fire – my boys faces were an absolute picture. They couldn’t believe what they had seen; we even had to reassure Oliver that the man was actually ok.


Next up was a man told on a very tall stool and a car that drove at him but he managed to jump over the car. Proper heart thumping stuff, I may have even closed my eyes when the car actually hit the stool!!











More stunt driving by what turned out to be a seventeen year old, driving on two wheels and then Ali and I did have a chuckle when one of the vehicles simply fell over. Thankfully no one was hurt and with a bit of pushing from the marshals the vehicle was back on all four wheels and heading off again around the ring.




Next up were the BMX riders and their ramps and jumps were impressive. Sam really enjoyed it and decided he was going to give ramps ago next time he was up at the skate park on his bike.




More motorbike stunts and then a man on fire.....by now the heart is really going.



More motorbike stunts, ending with one doing a back flip over a ramp.



Then to the finale, the bit that the boys and secretly me too, had been waiting for, the epic in size, power and noise, MONSTER TRUCKS. I mean these things are just simply awesome! The commentator said that they used 10 litres per minute, that’s just crazy (and expensive).


The show has two monster trucks, one red and the other red and white. Even just going around the ring, these machines amaze me but when they start jumping over cars, I love it!!


They both did a jump each and it was a real shame that when the red truck jumped it burst a tyre on impact with one of the cars. It looked great but I am sure it would be rather costly and not something your local garage could sort for you.












Overall, it was a heart thumping hour and it was easy to socially distance with the way the barriers set up.

My only downside to it was the speakers, they were simply too loud. It didn’t help that we were right beside one. They did cut out during the show and it was a real relief when they went off.

If your child is sensitive to noise, take ear protectors especially for the monster trucks.


I think we would return again when the show comes back to Exeter as the boys and I loved it. Thanks Extreme Stunt Show.


Disclosure: I paid for my own tickets to watch the show and the thoughts and opinions are all my own.

 For more information please visit: https://www.facebook.com/Extreme-Stunt-Show-169363889774882




Sunday 21 June 2020

Shopping Locally

Shopping Locally

So this lockdown pandemic has been pants, I can’t hug my parents, I have missed my 40th birthday and just been generally rubbish but one thing it has taught me is to shop local and support small businesses.

Now this isn’t a paid ad or anything but I want to give a shout out to two local businesses who I have bought from in the last few weeks and been really impressed with their product and their service.

The first company is The Hand Picked Scallop Company. This business has fab products and great customer service!

I saw a competition running on Facebook for them and I checked them out.

My favourite shellfish is scallops, I adore them, so I messaged them and placed an order.

The message were replied to personally, no “thanks for your message” but a real person who talked me through the best options. I was given a schedule and they were hand delivered to my door in the next couple of days as arranged.

Ali cooked the scallops in a bit of butter and my words were “I don’t ever want to stop eating this!” I think you can tell by that that I enjoyed them.

I have gone on to order twice more from them and included some local crab,  my Dad has been very impressed with the quality of the meat. Another order was for a birthday present for my sister in law. I told the company when I needed the scallops for and they kept my order and added them to the latest dive so I was given the freshest scallops possible.

So I highly recommend that you check them out.


 The second company I can highly recommend is So Nuts Donuts Ltd. I wanted something a bit different for Ali’s Fathers Day present and my goodness I found it.

We have found a great donut company. The choice is limited to 10 choices but I still really struggled with which six to choose. I eventually chose a peanut m&m, lemon meringue, chocolate and strawberry shortbread.

Again when I messaged my order, I was actually greeted by a real person and to me this makes a real difference.

Now I pinched a lemon meringue donut and wow it was delicious!! The meringue part was light and fluffy and the lemon curd inside was sharp and tangy and altogether was just scrummy!!


I’m afraid I didn’t get a look in on the others but they looked amazing.

Now this is two small local businesses that I may have overlooked if I had not had been scrolling through Facebook during lockdown.

So if you fancy something a bit different try a local business 👍

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Sunday 15 March 2020

Handwashing Experiment

I am sure that you will all have seen this experiement by now but my boys hadnt so I decided to give it a go!

This is the importance of using soap when handwashing.

You pour some water into a white bowl and drind some pepper into the water. As the children to place a finger in the water (it should get covered in pepper) explain that these are germs.
Ask the children to then dry their hands and then cover it in some soap. Once covered place the child's finger back into the water. The pepper will run away from the soap.

My boys really understand this visual and its simple and easy to show children why we wash our hands.

Excuse the video, we arent the best actors!! lol

Thursday 12 March 2020

Space, Light and Sound Show - Exeter Cathedral

Space, Light and Sound Show - Exeter Cathedral
After a recommendation from Blogger -  Exploring Exeter https://www.facebook.com/exploringexeter I decided to book my family to see the Space Light and Sound Show that was produced and made by Luxmuralis at Exeter Cathedral.

I was a bit worried that the earliest time slot that I could book was 8.15pm on a Saturday. Bearing my boys are three and six years old, I was concerned that they would be shattered and wouldnt appreicate it.

It turned out that actually I didnt need to worry, the evening stimulated the senses and that made sure everyone was awake but in a strange and calming way. It was spectular but in a way a little odd, like you were having the best drug filled dream ever!!

We handed in our tickets and waited in the queues, there was plenty of staff around and the queues were well organised. I am so pleased that the rain had held off as we were waiting outside for about 20/30mins in preparation to go in.

The lights on the outside of the cathedral gave away slight hints of what was to happen inside. Ali and I were excited, possibly more than the boys this time!!

Finally our time slot arrived and we headed into the cathedral. I was worried it was going to feel quite creepy in the dark but strangley it didnt, it felt calm and peaceful.

We were first met by a screen which talked about the idea of space and how it impacts on our world.

Following the screen, we headed over to the catherdral clock. The clock is famous for being written about in the nursery rhyme Hickory Dickory Dock. My boys loved this and we sang it whilst watching the first light show.


The lights were so big and looked like the inside of the clock. The show went up the wall and even onto the ceiling, which isnt easy in a massive cathedral!

We headed into the next section. We stood at the front of the crowd but actually realised that if we moved back you actually got a better view.

We even had a bit of fun when we found some of the lights! :) Rarrrrah!!

 Every turn that you made, there was a different light show. It was sometimes a little overwhelming.

Although there were opportunities to walk away at some points. Sam found a quiet place to reflect on mental health. The children were asked to choose a rock from a basket and place it on the cairn and remove a burden from someone. We also took time to light a candle and think about who we were missing.

We then headed back to the lights. 

People are encouraged to take their time as they walk around the show, my boys took inspiration from other people and started to lay on the floor to appreciate it and chill out. Bob nearly fell asleep at one point. :)

The final show showed pictures of how humans used science to get into space. The boys didnt understand it but Ali was fascinated by the end show, and what a way to end it!

Overall, it was the most fantastic, weird, and unique experience that I would love to do again!!

Huge congratulations to Luxmuralis and Exeter Cathedral for an amazing show.

The thoughts on this review are all my own and I paid for my own tickets

Tuesday 28 January 2020

Food in cinemas

How do you feel about people eating in cinemas?

Now I am a big popcorn lover and nearly always have popcorn whilst watching a movie and that doesn’t matter whether it is at home or the cinema whereas Ali prefers sweets, but is it acceptable to eat them when surrounded by other people in close proximity?

Plus I still remember as a child wearing a big coat and stuffing my pockets and hiding my sweets and drinks, hoping that no-one would frisk me!! lol

Why I ask is last night I finally got around to going to our local cinema and watching Little Women. The film was brilliant and my Mum and I really enjoyed it however I could have done with the rest of the cinema goers to naff off with all their various food stuffs.

It started with the lady behind me peeling an orange and spraying the juice on to my neck! Not the worst smell in the world but not nice. She then proceeded, throughout the film, to eat a packed lunch full of food with lids being opened, various smells and she finished with a tub of Pringles which she crunched her way through.

The lady next to her had a bag of sweets which obviously had wrappers on them; she seemed to eat the whole bag of them too, as she dived in every couple of minutes, but to top it off, someone then opened something which smelt of fish!!!!!
I mean, seriously?? Fish?? Yuck!!!

It was a 7.45pm start for the film so it wasn’t a tea time film either and the cinema stank by the end.

So are some foods acceptable and others not or should food and drink be banned altogether?

I would be interested to hear your thoughts……

#themummymonster #cinema #foodyayornay #smellyfood

Tuesday 10 December 2019

The Train Of Lights 2019

The Train Of Lights 2019 Review

Ali and I were so excited when we were contacted earlier this year regarding working alongside the team at the Dartmouth Steam Railway for their annual Train Of Lights 2019. We knew the boys would count down the days until the trip if we told them so we decided to keep it a secret until we arrived.

With our Christmas jumpers on and Sam convinced we were off to see Frozen 2 we headed off to the station.

Paignton Station is well hidden behind the main line station and the boys got all excited when they saw a cross country train in. Sam asked if we were going on an adventure, to which I replied Yes as we headed away from the main track.

Then all of a sudden I heard a gasp and a "Yes! I knew it! We are going on the Train of Lights!" (Apparently Sam knew all along that's where we were going but didn't want to ruin it for Oliver!!)


(Sorry I need to work on my filming skills!!)

After looking at the glowing Christmas tree, we headed inside, I could hear music but I couldn't figure out where it was coming from until Oliver pointed out the singing reindeer's. My boys loved them, I was trying to get them to eat some tea before we went on the train but they were too busy watching the reindeer!


This year one of the changes the Dartmouth Steam Railway have made is to allocate seats. Last year, everyone was pushed onto the platform trying to get the best seats but not this year. We took our time as did everyone else and found our carriage and numbered seats.

The carriages again this year had been decorated with baubles hanging from the luggage racks and in the middle of the ceilings. It was sensitively done and not too over the top. They also don't decorate the windows so you are able to have full view out of them as I promise you don't want to miss
any of it.

The boys were desperate to see which train was pulling us this time. I explained that we would be pulled to Kingswear by a diesel but we would come back under steam power.

The steam train looked amazing as they were filling up with water and coal and my train obsessed boys loved watching everything that was going on but it wasn't long before they were asked to get on board as the train was ready to leave. The lights dimmed and we were off!!

Don't panic, the lights come back on as soon as the train is away from the mainline.

Soon Devon favourite Judi Spiers, if you are from Devon and over forty I am sure you will remember her!, came over the speaker to tell you a story about things you will find along the tracks.

Having attended the train of lights last year I was a bit worried that it may be the same however I couldn't be more wrong, the team have worked their magic again along the track.

The magic started at Churston Station where it magically started to snow. The snow gently floated around the outside of the carriage like real snow would, Oliver was upset that it wasn't laying so no snowmen could be built.

The snow gave the journey a real Christmasy look and feel.

Judi went to talk about the gnomes who have been working on the track and to look out for them. Both the boys were then on high alert looking out the window desperately trying to be first to spot them. Thankfully there is lots of opportunities to do so. Sam's favourite bit of the journey was actually the Gnomes Christmas party.


The lights from the party are lovely and bright so you certainly wont miss them!!

I really don't want to give all the surprises away but I will say if you child likes unicorns, owls or other magical snowy creatures then they wont be disappointed!!

Soon we arrived into Kingswear Station with amazing views across the river to Dartmouth. At Dartmouth the train stops at the station. It allows time for passengers  to get off the train and see it in its full glory.

Soon it is time to head back to Paignton and get to experience it all again. My tip would be to get friendly with the people sitting opposite you and ask if you can swap to see the other side on the way back so you get the full experience.

On the way back we got to experience again the tunnels where you can see the train of lights come into its own. The children can see the colours that are on their carriage zoom by them and if you are a photographer they make for some great shots! Unfortunately I am not a photographer but I will try and show you some of mine and Ali's efforts!!

 The other photograpers dream is the actual train itself. It looks amazing. I love the power that a steam engine commands, but when it is dressed in lights it seems to dominate even more.

So my overall opinion: We as a family, absolutely loved it again this year, but it was funny that we all loved different bits. Would we return next year? Absoutely!!!!

**In return for this review we were gifted a family ticket to ride on Train Of Lights 2019, however all the thoughts, words and photos are mine and Ali Nash's.**

If you would like to book you will need to hurry as seventeen of the trains have already sold out. More information and to book click here: https://www.dsrrbchristmas.co.uk/train-of-lights

Dates & Times:
29th & 30th November
1st, 6th, 7th, 8th, 10th, 14th, 15th, 18th-23rd and 27th-30th December
Trains depart at  16:45, 18:45 and 20:45 on each of the above dates.
Note: ​Subject to demand, more dates/times may be added. Please check back regularly.


Adult (aged 16+) £19.25                Child (aged 3-15) £12.00
Concession (aged 65+) £18.75    Family (2A, 2-3Ch) £54.00

The Extreme Stunt Show

  Extreme Stunt Show   So this week we should have been in France but it was obviously cancelled due to the naughty bug, as it’s known...