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Monday, 25 June 2018

Paulos Circus Making Memories Tour 2018

Roll up, roll up to the hottest show in town!! (Literally!!)
What a show, what a performance, we certainly made memories whilst watching the circus.
I was kindly invited to bring my family along to review the Making Memories Tour at Paulo's Circus, which is currently situated at Darts Farm in Topsham, Exeter and I have to say we all loved it.
We were advised to arrive early to collect our tickets and my goodness I'm glad we did. The seats are first come, first served so pick your seats wisely.
Unfortunately to get five seats together, we had to sit around the side of the tent and my Dad had a large tent pole in his view. It wasn't completely obstructive but he did have to lean a little into the aisle to see some of the acts.
After a while the lights went down and some music started playing. The music to start with is quite loud and my little one, Oliver, two years old, wasn't overly keen. Thankfully Nanna came to the rescue and he soon calmed down.
The lights and lasers started shooting around the tent and visual countdown started. At the end of the count down, you were introduced to the circus by the Ringmaster and he in turn he introduced the first act.
The first act, was two large cages, two men spun the machine and performed all sorts of tricks in the cages, before then blindfolding themselves and performing some more tricks. I did slightly worry when one of the chaps ripped his jeans on the cage!! My hear did a little leap!!
Next we were introduced to the clown for the evening. Now this clown is certainly not scary, not even a red nose in sight,  but he does like a lot of audience participation and if you are pretty and sat in the front row, by careful if he looks at you!! lol
Mr N, the clown, definitely does a good job of distracting you whilst the rest of the crew set up for the next act.
The next act up was the knife throwing act. I'm afraid my phone camera let me down for this act, so no knives in action but it was brilliant and the knife throwing certainly made me squish my bum cheeks together as he threw them at his lady. My Dad also enjoyed the lady changing her dress into something even more skimpy!! lol
I had heard about the next act and was certainly looking forward to seeing him. The act was called Laserman and he didn't disappoint. I love lasers ever since seeing them done properly at a Muse gig.
Laserman controlled the light beams with ease and precision in time with the dramatic music and created an awesome effect. I have to say, personally, this was the highlight of the show for me. It kept me guessing how he was controlling them and actually I still haven't worked it out but I am guessing his feet were involved somewhere along the line.
Lights were also involved in the next act. Think Anne Wheeler (Zendaya) in the Greatest Showman. The lady performed also sorts of spinning and leaning and being generally very flexible, that I wouldn't like to attempt on the floor let alone in the air. I could see Sam's face light up with the hoop she was using lit up with lights and she spun around the tent.
After a funny musical interlude with Mr N, the clown, next up was the Juggler, you cant really have a circus without one cant you?? He balanced and juggled balls before moving onto the juggling pins. Now I am in completely in awe of this act as I have tried to juggle so many times and just cant get the hang of it, I am all fingers and thumbs.
Then to the final act of the night. The big trapeze. Again I had seen photos of this act but couldn't quite believe he was actually able to ride a bike along the wire, with a lady dangling underneath him!!! He then took a chair out onto the wire before balancing the chair and him and taking a little break by sitting down!! PS There are NO safety nets underneath these acts. If they fall, they fall. Full respect to them. I wont be even able to climb the ladder, let alone walk the wire.

Before we knew it, the stars of the show were taking their bows and thanking the audience. The crowd responded with lots of claps and cheers showing a sign of a job well done.
I called it the hottest show in town because it was fab but the temperature in the tent was almost unbearable. I thankfully had packed drinks for the boys and both of them needed topping up again at the end of the show. I think I would recommend an evening show in future if the weather remained this warm.
In all honesty, I think Oliver was still a little bit young for the show, especially in the heat but it was perfect for Sam. "My best bit was the men in the cages when they went blindfolded. That was so cool."
My Mum and Dad also enjoyed it and I would like to thank @thepauloscircus for gifting us the tickets to watch the show. We will certainly return.
If you fancy watching a brilliant performance you can find the show at Darts Farm, Topsham, Exeter form now until Sunday 8th July 2018 and all performances are just £7 per seat. Please note there are no performances on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday's. Thursday and Fridays performances are
5pm & 7.45pm and Saturdays/Sundays 2pm & 5:00pm.

For more information please check out: http://www.greatestshowman.co.uk/

Disclosure: In return for five tickets I was asked to give an honest opinion of the show. All the thoughts in this review are my own.


  1. Great post and pics! We are going to review the circus next week and I can't wait after reading your review and hearing about the acts! Looks like there is lots to be seen and some cool acts indeed :) Thanks for sharing, glad you and you family had a great time!

  2. Lovely review and brilliant photos. We have also been and the kids enjoyed it. Yes it was rather warm - water a must!

  3. Always great to include kids in anything, its an integral part of growing up, though I am old enough to remember animals at the circus.. oops

  4. We went last year and had such a good time although as we at the front in the middle we kept getting picked on :)


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